Located in West Surabaya, Indonesia, Merlion School offers both Singapore and Cambridge curricula. Merlion provides international standard education from Toddler to Pre-University. The Preschool uses the Singapore and Taiwan curricula while the Primary, Secondary and Pre-University divisions use the Cambridge curriculum.

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Our teaching team is composed of highly qualified and experienced expatriate teachers and internationally-trained local teachers. Our teachers are well-prepared to educate and train students to achieve academic excellence and acquire both a strong moral foundation and a passion for socially relevant extra-curricular work.

Merlion School stresses the importance of academic excellence while at the same time maintaining a balance between the body, mind, and soul. Merlion School students are exposed to various activities to sharpen their academic, physical, emotional, and social skills.

Our aim is to awaken each child’s curiousity and nurture their natural eagerness to learn and discover, producing adults who are able to adapt to different situations, meet the demands of the modern world, and take their place confidently in a global environment.

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A School That Listens!

A School That Listens!

Anytime, anywhere Merlion School’s got you! With these changing tides, we adapt and strengthen our system. Our devotion is to your children’s education to help them transition to a better future. Come be a part of Merlion’s change for a better tomorrow. °



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All children are gifted and unique. Here at Merlion School, we work to bring out each child’s special talents. To help recognise these talents, Merlion School offers a range of scholarships, ranging from academic to cultural. Why not apply today, and take advantage of this golden opportunity?

Our Educators


Our aim is to nurture the minds of young people,
awakening them to a bright world of discovery and experience,
and setting them on a lifelong journey of personal growth
and community service.

– Mr. Glendon

The purpose of education is not just
to increase our knowledge, but to
create and discover new things.

– Mr. Radit.