SEED Programme is modelled after Nurturing Early Learners, a curriculum framework from Singapore.

  • Is more focused on play-based (Reggio-inspired) to promote inquiry, problem-solving and independence.
  • Supports the idea and values the environment as a “third teacher” where physical spaces create the potential to influence what and how children learn.
  • Social-Emotional Development,
  • Recognizes children can construct their own learning, have a lot of interaction, and uses the power of languages - the ability to wonder, express, explore and connect their thoughts, feelings, and imaginings.

SEED programme is conducted at Ciputra Club House Surabaya.

Levels offered:

  • Nursery 2 (3-4 years old),
  • Kindergarten 1 (4-5 years old), and
  • Kindergarten 2 (5-6 years old).


  • To meet the vision-mission of Merlion School,
  • To facilitate and support children to explore and learn, wonder, inquire, be risk-takers, independent and exercise critical thinking.
  • To emphasize on social skills, interaction, and life skills of the children.

Strengths and Uniqueness:

  • Mixed-aged group
  • More hands-on or Play-based activities
  • Reggio Inspired Approach
  • Enhances social interaction, life skills and independence.
  • Maximises natural learning spaces.