STAR Programme is modelled after Nurturing Early Learners, a curriculum framework from Singapore, which upholds the principles of learning of 6 Learning Areas:

  • Language and Literacy,
  • Numeracy,
  • Social-Emotional Development,
  • Discovery of the World,
  • Motor Skills Development, and
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expressions.

STAR programme is conducted at Merlion School, on Jalan HR Muhammad 371 Surabaya.

Levels offered:

  • Toddler (1-2 years old),
  • Nursery 1 (2-3 years old),
  • Nursery 2 (3 -4 years old),
  • Kindergarten 1 (4-5 years old), and
  • Kindergarten 2 (5-6 years old).


  • to meet the vision-mission of Merlion School, to develop well-rounded individuals (holistically) by catering to children’s learning pace and needs.
  • to stimulate their curiosity of the world and uphold good moral values.
  • to gain knowledge and form well-rounded individuals.

Strengths and Uniqueness:

  • Equal emphasis of English and Mandarin
  • Purposeful Play: P.I.E.S (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social) Development.
  • Incorporate different Types of Play and Learning Centres
  • Varied school events and programmes to support children’s self-esteem, creativity, and general knowledge.
  • 1 period a week of Bahasa Indonesia for kindergarten levels.